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London Fashion Week A/W 2023-2024: Ray Chu new collection.

Ray Chu presented a hybrid showcase at London Fashion Week with his collection “WHAT’S THE T.”

Ray Chu is a Disruptive, Sexy, A-gender RTW brand established in 2016.

A unique combination of refined quality, innovative craftsmanship and the use of carefully placed cutouts emboldens the brand's core, genderless identity.

Chu’s silhouettes and cuts are created to empower confidence.

Sustainable by nature, Ray Chu works with deadstock fabric, organic cotton, vegan leather made from recycled plastics and tea leaves (produced in collaboration

with THE LAB 808) and only produces clothing to order.

The Autumn Winter 23-24 collection saw Ray Chu presenting 20 sets, which all focused on the notion of enjoying the moment.

Photos by Chris Instinct

Ray Chu has come to London Fashion Week with an unapologetic, bold, and sensual presentation entitled ‘What’s the T.’

Following previous collections which focused on the sensuality of healing after heartbreak and reminiscing past love, this collection embodies the idea of getting back on your feet, enjoying the moment, being bold and impulsive.

Photos by Chris Instinct

This season sees clean silhouettes in a sexy and mature monochromatic palette, interspersed with more vibrant pieces in turquoise, chestnut brown, mint green and notes of pink.

The entire collection is tied together by the brand’s identifiable motif of a lightning bolt, which materialises as metal hardware, stitching details and throughout the

accompanying accessories line.

This collection is highlighting the sexiness of being independent by altering

classically professional pieces to become fun and sexy, such as tailored shirts covered in mint green sequins, and the brand’s signature micro mini skirt embellished with an oversized buckle.

Photos by Chris Instinct

Ray Chu has come together with Tenga for London Fashion Week, a Japanese adult brand, to artistically explore the sense of pleasure.

This collaboration is intended to emphasize the transcendent nature of pleasure and desire, which exists within us regardless of gender identity, race and class; it aims to empower people to find freedom through love and pleasure, culminating in the finale of the show, which showcases a dress with pockets that are shaped to perfectly fit the Tenga, illustrating the ease with which you can carry desire with you, anywhere, anytime.

Photos by Chris Instinct

In line with the thematic enterprised of this season’s collection, to harness desire as a form of liberation, Ray Chu will also be collaborating with That Gay Creation, a sex positive queer gift shop, who are working with Ray Chu to launch their lifestyle range which will include candles and homeware items and will be released over the coming months.

Transcending the runway and into the home, this collaboration is emphasising the need for sex positivity in all realms of life, and aims to challenge the boundaries of what is perceived as provocative or shocking, spreading joy in the form of sex positive, fun and eco-friendly lifestyle pieces.

In addition to the collection, Ray Chu has also been sponsored and supported by The Ministry of Culture in Taiwan, and TENGA GLOBAL, with special thanks to That Gay Creation, Daisy Fellows, Dyelog PR, Richard Thornn, Evelyn Huang and all the teams.a


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