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Lorena Lucchini presents the new 'Tailor Bag,' in straw for the summer of 2024, creativity and craftsmanship made in Italy.

The first "coffa" Made in Lombardy.

Article by Marco Lorè

Lorena Lucchini has realized her dream and the dream of all women seeking a unique and exclusive accessory with the TAILOR BAG.

Each bag is unique, entirely woven and decorated by hand, perfect for adding color to the wardrobe with style and authenticity.

Made entirely by hand in Lombardy with artisanal mastery, it represents the excellence of Made in Italy.

Available in vibrant variations of fuchsia pink and turquoise, this straw bag is embellished with sequins, beads, and precious accessories, culminating in the application of a "mini me" doll that adds a unique and playful touch.

Ideal for summer and beach days, the new 'Tailor Bag' not only stands out for its captivating design but also for its capacity, making it perfect for all the needs of a day at the beach or in the city.

Each bag is a unique piece, impossible to find two alike: a statement of personality and style that goes beyond a simple accessory, embracing individuality and fashion as a form of personal expression. It is possible to customize your own 'Tailor Bag' made to order.


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