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Midali supports the "Rebirth" project in favor of women escaping violence they 've suffered.

The brand has donated its garments for the charity shopping event to raise funds - scheduled from November 24th to 26th - for the renovation of Cascina Ri-Nascita ("Rebirth") and its activities.

Martino Midali

Martino Midali has once again chosen to stand by women by embracing the values and objectives of the "Rebirth" Project, which provides women escaping violence with a safe place where they can regain psychological serenity, acquire new professional skills, and achieve economic independence.

To concretely support this cause, the brand has donated a selection of pieces from its collections, which will be sold during the charity market scheduled from November 24th to 26th.

Solidarity Shopping in "Cascina Ri-Nascita" will be the opportunity to raise the necessary funds for the renovation of Cascina Carpana, the nerve center of Ri-Nascita/Rebirth, and to support its activities.

There are indeed numerous facets of an ambitious project – from the construction of apartments to vocational training workshops, from the equestrian center to the shared garden, to the restaurants and the bar-bistro – whose ultimate goal is to offer a new life to women leaving violence, so that they can regain autonomy and freedom.

The Ri-Nascita/Rebirth project was born from the dream of Dr. Alessandra Kustermann - head of Obstetrics and Gynecology and head of the Sexual and Domestic Violence Emergency Department (SVSeD) at the Milan Polyclinic, the first public center created in Italy within a hospital to provide assistance to women who have suffered sexual and domestic violence.

The Ri-Nascita/Rebirth project will come to life inside Cascina Carpana and its park, which the Municipality of Milan has assigned to the two anti-violence centers - SVS Donna Aiuta Donna (SVS DAD) and Casa delle Donne Maltrattate di Milano (CADMI) - together with the sports association Campacavallo, for the important purpose to which Martino Midali strongly wanted to contribute.

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