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Milan Fashion Week A/W 2023-2024: Blumarine new collection.

Blumarine proposed a scenario between a revisited Y2K and the post-apocalypse.

With a burning B in the background.

Blumarine's aesthetics changed after the meeting between the creative director Nicola Brognano and the stylist Lotta Volkova, and this is a fact.

The autumn-winter 2023/24 collection of the Italian brand, which later became international, has established that the very early 2000s have returned to the catwalks. Taking a step forward and preferring a harder look, reflected in the setting made up of boulders, dirt and a flaming B positioned in the center of the post-apocalyptic catwalk.

The Blumarine warriors of the autumn – winter 2023/24 collection, a mix between Joan of Arc and Selene of Underworld, are ready to challenge the flashes of fire of the metal logo burning in the center of the scene.

To the tune of Michel Gaubert, a sound designer also known for his social profile on pop culture, silhouettes parade whose armors are in draped jersey, declined both in fluid dresses and in ultra-slim trousers.

The uniforms are recognized in the long coats and bomber jackets with squeezed shearling collars, to sanction the strength and majesty of the Blumarine heroes, with leather straps and laces.

The collection also enhances the iconic ruched dresses in sheer georgette, resurfaced from the house's archives, whose asymmetrical lengths are distinguished by sprawling pieces of fabric.

Always in compliance with the brand's codifications, the focus on sensual knitwear persists as well as on the iconic roses that become pure embellishment for the glove sleeves.

Also accessories on the catwalk, from shoulder bags to leather cuffs and stiletto heels. Dualism is the key to understanding this collection ready to support the brand's romanticism, which suggests pure harmony in being proud fighters of one's everyday life.

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