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Milan Fashion Week SS23: CORMIO's Spring-Summer collection 2023.

Cormio's collection invites us to take a seat in an actual house, real and metaphorical.

Cormio's SS23 collection juxtaposes light hearted, cringe mottos such as "live, laugh, love" with consequential punk statements on abortion.

CORMIO's characteristic cute but intellectual narrative serves up a conflicted reflection on family life while remaining faithful to its indulgent and saccharine core.

You have already been welcomed by a Polly Pocket Dollhouse invitation presented as a birthday gift.

A curious reminder to be aware of what lies under the silver lined wrapping and festive bow.

The setting takes place at a real life Milanese dolls house in Villa de Ponti Martesana.

Echoing the plight of a Hedda Gabler but with the realities of contemporary family life.

The runaway is strewn with strollers and car seats supplied by Bugaboo, a pioneering design brand that seeks to find modern and refined solutions to the trials and tribulations that is parenting.

A wardrobe referenced with shimmering lurex, dashing velvet ribbons and prints inspired by children's books on animals and fairytales.

Skirts are reminiscent of princess gowns and corseting details with chevalier doublets come to life in the act of play dates, dress-up and make believe.

CORMIO offers floral pyjamas, cropped pinocchietto jeans and bra straps.

Togheter with swimwear that imitates demure underwear and knitwear mimicking technicalsports gear for a sexy, paradoxal assortment.

The question of how two opposite concepts of parenthood and sensuality co-habit is a conversation Jezabelle Cormio is exploring.

Reflecting on what really matters...

All photos and reel by our official Italian photographer and Editor Marco Lorè.


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