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Milan Fashion Week SS23: Dimension Breaker by ANNAKIKI.

Designer Anna Yang at MFWSS23 with her new collection inspired by fractal art in Nic Stacey’s documentary, “The Secret Life of Chaos”.

Chaos does not imply disorder; chaos implies order, and chaos can occur in an ordered process.

Chaos theory reveals the essential laws of life and the workings of the universe.

Designer Anna Yang shows us how fractal art is designed to create a visual illusion in the space, throughout the disintegration and the reconstruction of that same space and its structure: a little change is constantly amplified from simple rules, and at the end, with a constant repetition on a little scale, an extraordinarily magnificent model is achieved

An example of fractal art is the 3D wave sleeve that this season has been rebranded withnew applications.The signature symbol of the brand, known as a “Walking soft sculpture” is conceived to obtain a chaotic and organized aesthetic for a fractal style.Metallic chains on a halter dress were hand-stitched to reinterpret a “fractal motif,” emphasizing the unique 3-D details. A cut-waist dress was embroidered digitally for a psychedelic effect, resembling entering a cosmic vortex.

For the SS23 season, ANNAKIKI began a special collection embellished with Swarovski® crystals, to lighten up some pieces. The bottoming shirt and black hoodie top, key pieces of the collection, were adorned with Swarovski crystals to resemble an elegant “black hole.” The silk cape creates a romantic look with thousands of crystals all over that also reflect the iconic star symbol of the brand, seen throughout the collection as embroidery, in prints, embossed in cuts, and as repetitive motifs.

ANNAKIKI continued down its futuristic path into the digital world by creating five new NFT looks characterized by silver irregularly shaped mechs, with a visually striking effect, injecting strong stylistic tension into virtual time and space. The dresses, interpreted by digital people, are enlarged and highlighted with the brand's iconic four-mangoes as a mark of identity, and the skirts are either in three-dimensional squares or waves, continuing the brand's creative thinking of three-dimensional tailoring.

Exclusively for Ultimate Trendy Magazine, we publish the reel of the final show where it's possible to admire all the superb ANNAKIKI creations from the "Dimension Breaker" collection.

All photos and reel by our official Italian photographer and Art Director Marco Lorè.


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