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Milan Fashion Week SS23: Ferragamo new collection.

A new era in the history of the Salvatore Ferragamo brand between classic and contemporary.

A new chapter in the Ferragamo history has begun between the legacy of the past and a clear vision of the present.

Ferragamo commissioned the new logo to graphic designer Peter Saville: a modernist interpretation of a classic typeface, which refers to the stone engravings that inspired Renaissance artists.

The spring-summer 2023 collection for both men and women presented during Milan Fashion Week marked the debut of Maximilian Davis as the creative direction of Ferragamo, reconfirming the red of the maison, the 3546C made in collaboration with Pantone, still today. the identifying color of the maison.

Essentiality, and dry shapes combined with bright colors show us a sort of theme regarding rebirth, the spirit of a strong-willed lightness, a desire for freedom not necessarily linked to the eccentric or excessive, but rather inclined to refinement and a vivid sobriety.

In one sentence, Ferragamo represents the new idea of style, while remaining classic, for the upcoming Spring-Summer seasons.

All photos taken by our official Italian main photographer Giorgio Marcias.


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