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Moreno Marcos creations for Dolores Ruiz Diaz's Dune.

The wonderful fashion designer collection is the protagonist of this evocative editorial.

Moreno Marcos is an Australian label by Sofia Moreno-Marcos.

Based in Brisbane, the label has built a loyal audience through the designer’s incredible work.

Each hand-crafted piece is telling a story through construction techniques and repurposing past designs when possible.

Sofia includes her Peruvian heritage, love of the arts, and intelligence in construction in every collection.

Moreno Marcos prides itself on being a sustainable fashion brand whenever possible and advocates of slow fashion.

Each garment is specially made to order to minimize overproduction and lessen our carbon footprint.

The label sees its social and environmental responsibility and stands firm on how the business is operated and how the pieces are produced.

Fashion is self-expression and storytelling and the label is proud to call Brisbane home.

In this editorial, made by the extraordinary photographer Dolores Ruiz Diaz and the fantastic videographer Sarah Cawdron, beautiful model Gigi Rose Devlin wore some of the magnificent Moreno Marcos creations enhancing their peculiarities in an evocative context such as the "Carlo Sandblow" one of the most iconic and stunning attractions in Rainbow Beach, famous for its surreal moonscape terrain.


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