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Mother's Day 2024: The MILANESA reveals "Pee Stop" - A Solidarity Project for Moms in Difficulty.

LaMILANESA, a Made in Italy handbag brand with a strong focus on social issues, announces the launch of its new project on Mother's Day, 'Pee Stop,' in collaboration with the Terre des Hommes Italia Foundation in Milan.

To tackle this challenge, LaMILANESA presents the Ippo-bag, an impeccably designed handbag crafted entirely by the skilled artisans of the brand.

The Ippo-bag will be available for 93 euros, and 10 euros of each bag sold will be donated to Terre des Hommes and its Milanese project, Hub "Spazio Indifesa".

The heart of 'Pee Stop' is the support for mothers who cannot afford to purchase diapers for their little ones.

Born in the Gallaratese district of Milan in 2021, the neighborhood Hub against food waste "Spazio Indifesa" is a multifunctional space managed by Terre des Hommes in collaboration with the Food Policy of the Municipality of Milan and a network of organizations and associations active in the area to offer services to individuals with the aim of supporting the most vulnerable families in a path towards economic and social autonomy, with a particular focus on female empowerment.

This commitment translates into a wide range of daily services: from Italian courses for foreign mothers with childcare spaces for their little ones, to guidance desks for orientation, psychological, legal, and employment support, from parenting support workshops to support for teenage mothers, as well as courses on nutrition education and healthy and sustainable eating, and even financial education and job placement courses, from homework help to summer camps, theater and sports courses for teenagers and women.

Activities through which Terre des Hommes reaches thousands of people every year, especially mothers and their children.

Cinzia Macchi, the designer of LaMILANESA, shares her thoughts: "Being mothers also means having the necessary courage to face life with unconditional love.

I believe that loving should be as natural as breathing."

This is the driving force behind Cinzia's work and the team at LaMILANESA in creating designs that not only encapsulate a soul but also actively strive to spread love and solidarity.

"With the Ippo-bag," Cinzia continues, "we want to offer tangible support to all those mothers and their children who are currently going through a difficult time.

Every purchase of a bag is not just an act of style but also a gesture of generosity and solidarity."

"Pee Stop" represents an initiative that goes beyond fashion and design, embracing the true spirit of motherhood and community.

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