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"Nexum", Alberto Zambelli F/W 2024-2025.

Nexum as a connection between man and nature, between masculine and feminine, between matter and body.

Photo by Loris Patrizi

Zambelli reflects and creates a dialogue between these dualisms, transforming silence into a visual language.

The designer explores the world of tailoring through the use of leathers with sophisticated and elegant textures, precise cuts with embracing forms in a timeless minimalism.

Leather meets the body, creating a sensory experience, a symphony of emotions at the touch, a declaration of contemporary luxury.

Photos by Loris Patrizi

Knitwear completes the harmony of contrasts.

Soft and embracing yarns intertwine skillfully, transforming the concept of connection into a warm and welcoming embrace, becoming the bridge between nature and the body with a feeling of comfort and beauty.

Photos by Loris Patrizi

Each piece from “Nexum” collection is a meticulously designed work of art.

Zambelli has woven a tapestry of timeless style, inviting the world to reflect on the beauty of connection and the poetry that lies behind each creation.

Photos by Loris Patrizi

Colors: Caviar - Rock - Lime - Moss - Sienna earth

Lines: Egg - Kimono - Amphora -

Pencil Fabrics: Raw wool - Popline - Nappa leather - Denim - Flannel - Mohair - Merino wool

Accessories: Shopper - Shoulder bag - Maxi - Travel bag - Man lace-up - Natural pearls and silver earrings - Fishnet stocking - Male ankle socks

Photos by Loris Patrizi

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