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"Orlando in Opulence", Hector Maclean SS24 new collection.

Interview with the designer who presented his ss24 collection during London Fashion Week.

Photo by Chris Hepburn

Briefly tell us, what is Hector Maclean about and in particular your Covent Garden show this season?

This season’s theme was based on the book Orlando by Virgina Woolf.

As well as the idea of travelling through time, referencing garments, I also wanted to play on the idea of gender that is clearly spoken about in the book.

So we had strong Victorian and Edwardian silhouettes, as well as beautiful trans representation in our show.

Photos by Chris Hepburn

What are your main inspirations behind being a designer?

My main reason to start designing was my sister Iona, who at a supposed size 16 always said nothing fitted her, so I started designing dresses and other pieces for her based on her beautiful shape.

Where do you want to take the brand in the future?

I am hoping to expand the brand especially in the near future with stronger shapes, colours and collaborations.

Photos by Desert Flame Photo

How do you feel about AI being used in fashion design?

I think Ai is amazing within the fashion industry - we actually had @maxburstyn do a metaverse projection of his interpretation of the book Orlando onto the church while the fashion show was going on.

It’s the natural progression of things and I am excited to work within it and should be working with Max to 3D-scan some of the collection into Ai models presently.

Photos by Desert Flame Photo

What would you change about the world of fashion today and how important is sustainability to fashion?

Sustainability is paramount!

We need to stop using synthetic, non-biodegradable fabrics wherever we can, because they are not only destroying our planet but are also just not great to our bodies.

In this collection all the fabrics were by-product or deadstock.

It’s a value very close to the heart of the Hector Maclean brand.

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