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Paris Haute Couture Week 2023: Gaurav Gupta new collection.

Indian fashion designer made his Paris Haute Couture Week debut.

Source: Getty Images | Kristy Sparow

At this show, most of the guests were dressed in couture.

It is when models can compete with the public 😀

Embroided stones and their shine were especially surprising.

I was admired by an unusual combination of textures and stones.

Source: Getty Images | Kristy Sparow

Frozen strokes of dancing wind in infinite forms are sculpted in gold and silver

handwoven tissue.

The set of twin dresses in silver are an embodiment of this exploring sculptural draping forms in indigo electric blue in satins, chiffons, organzas represents a sense of futurism.

There are elemental dresses in black and nude strategically revealing the form in its pristine state.

Meteoric light embroideries emulate melting lava or deep waves of a very dark ocean. There is also a garbage like dress with abstract entangled wires as embroideries.

Source: Getty Images | Kristy Sparow

The prestigious event's recognition of Gupta signals the growing international status of a couturier who has long been beloved by his Bollywood clientele.

This past year has seen the designer's profile skyrocket, with his sculptural creations worn by global A-list stars including Cardi B, Lizzo and Kylie Minogue.

Source: Getty Images | Kristy Sparow

Gaurav Gupta debuted with a majestic, astonishing and innovative show.

A pleasant surprise, for a return to an amazing elegance.



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