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PDF, F/W 2024-2025 the anti-hero collection.

PDF launch FW24, following their debut Milan Fashion Week presentation, with a collection that furthers the brand’s corrupting exploration of aesthetics in the world of extreme sports, imagined with an anti-hero athlete protagonist at its forefront.

An anti-hero can be seen as an individual who does not conform to a typical mould of respectability or conventionality, they don’t adhere to prescribed behaviours or opinions, they break rules at every given opportunity, and in spite of this they command attention and admiration, whether that be from others on the outskirts of society, or those within the system who can relate to this polarizing figure on a deeper level.

PDF’s AW24 collection captures the energy of this anti-hero athlete, homing in on this protagonist’s rollercoaster from adrenalin and anticipation, to overflowing passion and emotion that are exposed in explosive ways, shattering convention.

Through exaggerated proportions, contemporary print techniques, unconventional washes, and cutting-edge technical fabrications adopted from extreme sporting apparel, PDF delve into the psyche of their sporting anti-hero, utilising their disruptive community of technical and creative collaborators for this Milan Fashion Week debut, to build on their image as the brand of the underdog- non-conforming, rebellious, independent and experimental, yet able to achieve remarkable success.

PDF is the Milan-based genderless RTW brand from founder and Creative Director Domenico Formichetti, the designer known for his formative role in the growth of Italy’s dynamic streetwear scene, having dressed some of the biggest contemporary musicians in the world, including Rihanna, Drake, J Balvin, Joey Bada$$ and Doja Cat.

PDF explores an unconventional perspective on streetwear, heavily informed by Formichetti’s passion for extreme sports, corrupting established aesthetics with exaggerated proportions inspired by technical surf and snow apparel, and coming from a place of exuberant optimism, playful-fervour, and vintage allure.

PDF bolster their ambitious vision through curated collaborations with pioneering Italian technical manufacturers and Formichetti’s multifaceted creative network, assembling a cutting-edge community of technical and creative partners in order to present hyperactive, impatient collections full of anticipation and suspense.

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