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Polina Erofeeva wore the stunning Balenciaga + Adidas collection.

Famous Monaco Fashion&Beauty influencer talk about this amazing collaboration

between the two brands and their fantastic creations.

As a mom and a fashion influencer who leads an active and healthy lifestyle, I find it extremely important to have comfortable, stylish and attention-grabbing clothes on. Collaborations Balenciaga and Adidas are a wonderful option that captivated me at first sight.

It’s creative, outstanding and very cool.

The outfits presented are perfect for everyday life, for sports, and for a “wow”effect.

The collection includes:

Oversized T-shirts; soccer shirts; long-sleeved tees; zip-up hoodies; baggy jeans; regular hoodies; track jackets; knife boots; speed sneakers; the adidas bomber; jewellery; sport dress; sport clothes for gym; handbags and even other details like water bottles and jewelry.

I was so impressed by pantaleggings and pantashoes. They look extremely extraordinary.

The collection was presented in the spring of 2022 in New York and it went on sale only in November, it was limited and all the clothes have been sold very fast.

I decided to buy some clothes for my outfits, but it was possible to buy only half.

I am going to order the other half.

Adidas x Balenciaga collection itself is brimming with lowercase logos and Three Stripe motifs.

The price is slightly higher, but justified due to the excitement caused by this collection.

If you want to replenish your wardrobe with it, I recommend that you hurry up!



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