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Pop Life With The Maryling Dress.

Can a colorful print bring spring? The answer lies in the all-over pattern dress in a lively and vibrant palette that MARYLING has created for the jeunes filles en fleure.

The secret is the color, treated by the brand like a painter's palette, drawing on soft silk an unprecedented checkerboard pattern and choosing the saturated hues of fuchsia, orange, and pink to convey positive vibrations at first glance.

The rest is done by the sartorial soul of the dress, cut like a chemisier and adorned, down the center, with a row of dainty buttons, with a V-neckline framed by a bow and romantic long sleeves.

Its carefully crafted silhouette embraces the body, enveloping it with luminous accents and providing an infinite lightness that naturally smells of spring.

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