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"Prenatal Purgatory", new St.Nian Paris SS24 collection.

With an exclusive party inside its boutique in Paris, last September 29th, the brand presented the SS 24 Women's collection.

Nihan Buruk, the designer of St.Nian Paris, has chosen to make fashion out of passion but also to give voice to a precise social commitment that is reflected, season after season, in collections that respect the fragility of women and which invite ever greater awareness.

The designer, born in Istanbul in 1983, after studying "Fashion and Textile Design" at the city's Yeditepe University, created her brand St.Nian Paris whose aesthetics have always been accompanied by a precise ethical vision.

A recognizable and gender-neutral style, attentive to design and trends together with attention to materials, combines with a profound sensitivity deployed in society, culture and the environment.

Fashion becomes an all-round project in which to rediscover those values ​​that the designer has always pursued: from the right to water to the fight against violence against women with messages that become actions.

The invitation to greater self-awareness and self-confidence addressed to all women can also be found in this new SS24 collection:

clear lines, shapes that flirt with asymmetries.

The St.Nian woman wears cut-out bustier mini dresses, draped along the lengths; she chooses guepière tops with a curious hood effect combined with long trousers with light flounces. Second skin dresses envelop her with a strong draping alongside micro dress-effect bodysuits that let the skin breathe awaiting the change, underlining its physicality.

We asked the designer some questions in order to fully discover the creative process that determined this wonderful collection:

What is the concept expressed in the new SS24 collection?

"The main concept is the Purgatory before birth, a prenatal purgatory full of style, with black as the only color, an absolute femininity far from compromise, against fear, to emerge from the darkness with clear courage and an attitude to change that leads the woman to choose to get involved and become aware of her essence.

An essence that can sometimes be wild, feline."

What materials has been chosen for the new collection?

"Sensual textures - transparent lycra, impalpable tulle, georgette, chiffon and soft jersey - which bend to accommodate plays of shapes in sharp cuts that boldly reveal the body and bring the silhouette to the fore.

Basic fabrics to make the collection accessible to everyone."

Are elegance and boldness two terms that can be combined togheter in the fashion scene?

"It's very important to have a balance of being sexy, feeling free with your own body and at the same time being elegant.

It is not always easy to find this balance, but with this new collection of mine I have looked for the right compromise between the two terms, and I believe I have found it."

Reel edited by Menta Rose | Videomakers: Sylvia Jaco and Giorgio Marcias

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