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Roberto Giannotti jewelry.

The jewelry to give at Christmas are precious emotions, rich in light and love.

Roberto Giannotti | L'alfabeto degli angeli

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, and Roberto Giannotti captures this essence beautifully in his jewelry.

Each piece is like a precious emotion, radiating with light and love, meant to be gifted to those we cherish.

Like a magical story, the iconic angels of the brand intertwine noble materials with brilliant symbolism, creating small masterpieces of perfection.

These jewelry pieces hold a message of rich emotion and a wish for peace and serenity, not just for the holiday season but for every day of the year.

They are a testament to the unforgettable moments of happiness shared with loved ones.

Roberto Giannotti | La luce degli angeli

A love declaration born from a name takes center stage in the collection "L'Alfabeto degli Angeli" (The Alphabet of Angels), where the letters of the alphabet write the most beautiful story of the holidays.

It is they, in fact, that are set within the silhouettes of the angels, crafted in silver, rose silver, and white zircons, to create special and above all unique necklaces.

Alongside the brand's heritage, translated through skilled and artisanal craftsmanship, lies the ultimate meaning of each letter, revealed through the qualities associated with them.

These qualities speak about the person they belong to and can be discovered in the booklet that accompanies each individual jewel.

Roberto Giannotti | L'alfabeto degli angeli

What could be more perfect than a precious creation that lasts forever, just like the most passionate love stories and the sincerest affections?

This is the secret of the necklaces, rings, stud earrings, and bracelets from the La Luce degli Angeli collection in rose gold and diamonds.

It is a proposal designed... with the heart, the same heart that shapes the diamond pavé setting, elegantly sophisticated, which signs every jewel and thanks to its special prong setting, it gives a boost of light and brilliance, perfect for the holidays.

Roberto Giannotti | La luce degli angeli

Necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets, the protagonists of Roberto Giannotti's collections, become the heart of a language of love that remains during Christmas and forever.

Roberto Giannotti | L'alfabeto degli angeli


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