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"Runway Show", Francesca Liberatore F/W 2024-2025.

Fashion, art, and music for an extraordinary show.

Photos by Marco Lorè

The designer Francesca Liberatore, always balancing between artistic performance and fashion show, for the upcoming Autumn Winter 2024/25 collection welcomes her audience in Milan's temple of classical music with another non-conformist fashion show, this time at the Conservatorio di Milano, together with the Alpen Symphonie Orchester, the Fondazione Società dei Concerti di Milano, and under the auspices of the Municipality of Milan.

The collection was characterized by two different styles, both carried out with Francesca Liberatore's creative signature.

The first models flaunted a rock look with fun prints in bright colors and bold-style bombers.

The second, instead, wore soft and fluid black dresses, which moved harmoniously with the body's movement, as if following the orchestra's notes with grace and delicacy.

Photos by Marco Lorè

Black blocks with falling silhouettes are the reflection of colors that instead collect the instrumental sections, sugar paper, gray, camel, powder, peacock for sumptuous finely woven wool tank tops, silk shirts and jacquard trousers, highlighting, through a spontaneous rigor, how it is the human that gives life to the notes and not its role.

Photos by Marco Lorè

"This is a unique initiative where music and fashion truly present themselves as different languages of a single art: the orchestra conductors also become leading actors of the fashion show, directed by the young Swiss conductor Federico Frigo, performing two pieces by F. J. Haydn and W. A. Mozart, while the opening on timpani is entrusted to Sebastiano Cabassi," says Enrica Ciccarelli Mormone, President of the Concert Society, and continues: "I am convinced that this encounter between fashion and music is only the first of a long series, I am happy and proud that Francesca Liberatore, a contemporary and versatile designer, wanted to combine fashion and classical music for this fashion show."

Photos by Marco Lorè

While Klaus Broz, artistic director of the Alpen Symphonie Orchester, adds:

"To make art means, first and foremost, to open oneself to the contamination of ideas, styles, and personalities.

We are truly excited to come into contact with such a fascinating world as that of fashion, becoming at the same time models and interpreters of a renewed Gesamtkunstwerk."

Photos by Marco Lorè

The pauses alternate between panel skirts where black frames the leaves and tartans mix with circles and geometric patterns.

The regular and measured pants in their structure are floral and lace or patch print.

The bomber replaces the blazer in an easy and comfortable dynamism, becoming a leader in a collection where thought is music.

Video by Alex Martellotta

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