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"She's so lovely", Alabama Muse Fall/Winter 2024-2025.

Alabama Muse's creations embody a new form of elegance, influenced by cinematic icons such as Romy Schneider and Catherine Deneuve, and reinterpret the boho style in a contemporary way.

Re-belles de jour with that neo-bourgeois charm that lives between the auteur films of the 70s and the high floors of European capitals.

Here are the younger sisters of Romy Schneider and Catherine Deneuve, new muses with a boho soul, a bit charmeuse, decidedly sophisticated, who have inspired the Autumn-Winter 2024-25 collection by Alabama Muse.

A vibrant wardrobe, gender-neutral and animal-friendly, conceived by Alice Gentilucci and rich in that sparkling, charming, and slightly mischievous sensuality that encapsulates her idea of ​​style.

Starting with the French touch of suits with wraparound miniskirts in soft powder pink marmot with seal bordering and large pearls used as buttons, to be worn stylishly with the bon ton coats, or in the long ankle-length trench model with a tailored cut.

The seal coat, with its recognizable crests, returns in gray juxtaposed in patchwork with baby lamb and Mongolia in the two outerwear pieces, long and short, and in the vest, where the material contrast defines the silhouette, making it lighter.

The granny-style fulvous mink whose masculine cut amplifies the character of the long coat with large lapels and returns in the micro round-neck jacket - also in cropped version - is perfect for the Jane Birkins of the third millennium who pair it with a miniskirt and a hat.

A bourgeois touch characterizes the pony pattern drawn by cerulean spots on rouge noir fur coats from the 1970s with eco-leather buttons, also with large lapels, which conceal rice stitch jerseys - embellished with pom-poms, diamonds, stripes, and ribbed edges - and the zippered cardigan with hood made of 95% recycled cashmere.

Old-world elegance for the dramatic black-and-white jacquard in the very long kidassia fur that chooses the long coat like the rock jacket, the vest like the mini, to discover the body with sensuality, just like the jersey tank top lined with detachable marmot belt. And yet, pearl and sequin embroideries launch glimmers.

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