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"Sky and sand" Lardini SS24 new collection.

The brand, unveiled the SS24 collection with a soirée chaired by internationally renowned DJs Henri Bergmann and Patrice Baumel, at the enchanting venue of the Triennale in Milan.

Sky and sand: a journey into the soul of a man who embraces his past and opens up to the future.

The SS2024 collection starts from primal elements, inspired by the atmospheres of an imaginary desert that gives chromatic and formal suggestions to a slender silhouette, essential yet extremely precious in every detail: from jewel buttons to golden threads that run through the fabrics of the shirts and the surfaces of the evening jackets, illuminated in the same way that stars dot the dark night in the Sahara; from footwear that echoes the comfort of babouche - created in collaboration with Lidfort - to the unexpected pendant jewels that serve as talismans.

The aesthetic suggestions are intentionally fragmented, creating a narrative reminiscent of the dandyism of the 1930s, the Hollywood chic of the 1940s, and the tapered proportions of the 1970s.

However, everything is remixed with a strong desire for change.

The initial spark is offered by a dreamlike, indefinite journey in North Africa, evoked by Paul Bowles' novel "The Sheltering Sky" - later adapted into Bernardo Bertolucci's film - without dwelling on folk references or literal reproductions, "but rather as suggestions that ignite the desire for a sartorial interpretation in tune with the spirit of the times," says Luigi Lardini.

By combining the past and the present in a continuum of sand, water, wind, and light, a lexicon of elegance is recreated through slender proportions, larger volumes for bombers and jackets, some of which have rounded lapels like a tuxedo or even have no collar at all, akin to a tunic.

They are incredibly lightweight, yet maintain a distinct profile: prominent shoulders, a close-fitting line to the body, which are paired with generously wide trousers and blouses embroidered resembling short djellabas.

There is a meticulous search for perfection in every meticulous detail.

Many guests of honor present at the Lardini Party, including: Brett & Scott Staniland, Henri Bergmann, Daniele Siciliano, Valentina Siragusa, Eleonora Milella, Ivano Marino, Luca Gervasi, Manuele Mameli, Marta Losito, Orian Sun, Timmy de Pizza, Ryan Prevedel, Pietro Terzini.

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