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"Songlines", Surkana Fall-Winter 2024-2025.

A poetic story of Australia to be traced with lines, fabrics, and prints to reconstruct the stylistic soul of a land rich in traditions, encapsulating it in the aesthetic geography born from vibrant and powerful inspirations.

A collection that evokes ancient symbolism, drawing a strong bond with nature typical of Aboriginal peoples, which becomes the guiding thread of the brand's proposal. Aboriginal art is at the center of a stylistic investigation found in the graphics, emphasizing textures, highlighting craftsmanship, and the handmade quality of prints. Furthermore, there's color, bold and defined, giving character to abstract patterns inspired by myths and legends of the Australian territory.

The result is a femininity with soul, capable of conveying the aesthetic codes of the brand even in a sustainable key, prioritizing natural fibers such as viscose, bamboo viscose, EcoVero, cotton, recycled polyester, wool, mohair, and alpaca.

A declaration of love, a Songlines, describing the essence of an environment that has its creed in neutral tones and in the purity of the lines of its garments, its everyday life. Among outerwear with a soft fit and prints reminiscent of earthly memory, the Surkana woman chooses perfect and enveloping proportions like a promise.

A vision of the cosmos that sees living beings connected to each other characterizes Aboriginal philosophy, reflected in the Dingo theme, whose mysticism is investigated by strong chromatics - blue, even electric, orange, brown - igniting versatile pieces among trench coats and two-piece sets with mini kilts, knitwear, and agile dresses.

It's always a Dreamtime, following all the shades of red, enchanting itself with graphics that recall the landscape and bloom on shirts, dresses, and jackets, fearlessly emerging from belted coats and playful ponchos.

A richness of variations reflected in Aboriginal Art in a kaleidoscope of pop twist colors that favor classic lines broken by unexpected mix and match.

The journey to discover the Pleiades is encapsulated in the Seven Sister with its green spells welcoming cozy outerwear and sparkling two-piece sets, where masculinity is reinterpreted in a silver and very elegant key.

Legendary and eternal, the garments composing the shades of Ritual disdain compromises, choosing a métissage of patterns in winter tones to express extremely feminine suggestions.

A proposal ideally concluded by the Fun Capsule, a knitwear collection that places vibrant and contrasting colors and geometric graphics at the center of sweaters and dresses, complemented by accessories that bring a stylish smile to the face.

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