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Surkana Bags Collection SS24.

Back to...bag: summer in a bag!

The taste of summer is all in Surkana's collection of bags. Because the flavor of the hottest season is a rainbow of inspirations and colors in which the brand has encapsulated its proposal, imbued with vibrant energy and rich in fantasy.

Born from a skillful blend of hues and textures, the bags with up-to-date patterns are presented in a carousel of shapes and sizes designed to complement every feminine look.

Never disregarding materials, attention to practicality, and details, all studied for a wow effect that smells of sun and, above all, of style.

Surkana's distinctive style, naturally!

They combine comfort and elegance with the softness of quilted jacquard texture and opt for delicate ethnic-inspired patterns for the very practical shoulder straps, which give a carefree air even in the city, and the backpacks to flaunt instead of a purse, for a smart & cool trend.

And the quilted fabric is also the star of urban-designed bags that explore a wide range of colorful prints among which it will be difficult to choose a favorite.

And still, artisanal and precious because they originate from handcrafted cotton fabrics enriched with geometric patterns, are the shopping bags in different variations and with an irresistible bohemian attitude.

The material passion with an ethno-chic twist is expressed in embroidered clutches that combine beads and raffia alongside fun bags made from wooden beads, to choose from in refined black & white or the more daring multicolor.

And always raffia in a city-chic and super colorful key for the eclectic bags characterized by an easy-going spirit, recognizable in both imaginative decorations and color-block stripes.

And to amplify once again the mood of Surkana's ready-to-wear, what could be better than the quilted cotton toiletry pouches and shoppers with prints from the collection? Nothing else, obviously!

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