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The 1970s according to Miss Bikini is a... Kaleidoscope Of Colors And Fantasies!

It's called Kaleido, read as freedom and change, euphoria and a desire to rewrite both style and life, as well as the way of dressing: this is the spirit of the 70s revisited by Miss Bikini in a line of beachwear for the summer of 2024.

Bright colors, strong patterns, and free forms encapsulate the entire Seventies atmosphere according to the brand, encompassing it in swimsuits capable of transcending rules to outline a concept of sparkling and unexpected femininity.

The inspiration arises from the imagery of an era in which women - sensual, audacious, beautiful - revealed their femininity by enhancing it with what they wore.

Similarly, Miss Bikini translates this essence into a kaleidoscope of floral geometries with desaturated and soft hues, featuring two prints in combination - micro and macro - alternating them on bikinis and dresses in an unexpected métissage enriched by precious details.

The brand's vision indeed chooses the complicity of dégradé rhinestones, multicolored braids, lace with ton sur ton lurex iridescences - in orange and teal - to make both its swimsuits and out-of-water attire shine, perfect for modern-day Bianca Jagger and Jane Birkin.

Furthermore, there is attention to every physique in the bikini line made of microfiber with a destroyed effect, which, thanks to their soft touch and soft lines, are capable of enhancing every woman.

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