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The Excellence of Made in Italy signed by Malloni & Ixos At the Shenzhen-Milan Lifestyle Week 2024.

The brands, among the protagonists of the immersive event that celebrated the synergy between East and West, presented their FW24-25 collections.


Malloni, with its cultured vision of style, has given life to a new concept of harmony in this collection, where the union between form and space merges into a profound sense of aesthetic beauty that animates its DNA without altering it.

Embracing opposites that attract, mixing oversized shapes with slim ones, structured constructions alternating with a refined and spontaneous fluidity of wear, all under the banner of sartorial minimalism from the manual, reflecting a skilled and artisanal craftsmanship devoted to excellence.

Furthermore, the Fall Winter 24/25 pieces were exhibited in the showroom area, a space created with the aim of celebrating national savoir faire and making it an active protagonist in the process of contamination between Western and Eastern realities.

"Malloni's presence at the Shenzhen-Milan Lifestyle Week is a unique opportunity for us to continue our journey into a reality like this, where we have high stakes and already have a presence," stated Fabio Malloni.

"Our goal and commitment are to maintain solid and lasting relationships with both our business partners and consumers: we aim to establish new connections and explore other business opportunities by showcasing our product."

The strongly network-oriented perspective is indeed one of the aspects driving the Shenzhen-Milan Lifestyle Week, capable of connecting Eastern and Western aspects, promoting synergies and exchanges.

This inaugural edition aims to become a reference point in the lifestyle sector at the intersection of two increasingly interconnected worlds.


Ixos brings its "Urban Rock" DNA to the Shenzhen-Milan Lifestyle Week 2024.

The made in Italy brand, which has made the union of innovation and heritage the heart of its DNA, has become a spokesperson for Italian creativity.

The pieces from the latest FW 2025 collection paraded on March 21st at the Eachway Art and Fashion Museum and were displayed in the dedicated showroom area.

An important detail designed to facilitate the integration of Italian artisanal savoir-faire into the network of high-target showroom hubs in a path of constant growth.

"Participating in the Shenzhen-Milan Lifestyle Week represented an exceptional opportunity to further promote our brand," commented Fabio Malloni. "We always follow with great interest the trends of the international market for the luxury fashion sector, and China is fundamental for us, as we are already present in the territory with an important distributor and dozens of clients."

Moreover, the role of the clothing industry in the Shenzhen district has always been one of the pillars of its economy, and IXOS's recognizability was celebrated through a proposal conceived under the sign of contemporaneity, where updated aesthetics become a play of shapes and dimensions. At the forefront is color, where neutral tones are infused with elements of light and textural textures, alongside a harmonious mix of volumes that emphasizes the current aspect of the pieces.

An instinctive, dynamic, and urban collection where the rock and unconventional attitude once again became the statement of a powerful style vision.

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