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The ICCF salutes the Year of the Dragon and celebrates entrepreneurship on the Italy-China axis.

After the success of the first edition, the Italy China Council Foundation and UNIIC celebrated the arrival of the Chinese New Year with an event aimed at strengthening the bilateral relations between the two countries and laying the groundwork for new strategic deals.

Last night was not only a convivial evening, but also a moment for professionals from Italy and China to meet and engage.

This year, following the success of the first edition held together last year, the Italy China Council Foundation (ICCF) and the Italian Union of Entrepreneurs in China (UNIIC) organized an event to celebrate the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Wood Dragon, which falls on February 10th.

The dinner, which took place yesterday, Wednesday, January 24th, at the Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan, was attended by around three hundred participants from various sectors of companies and multinational corporations active on the Italy-China axis. Among the guests were institutional figures such as the Chinese Consul General in Milan, Liu Kan, and a delegation from the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), led by Vice President Yuan Mindao.

In addition to coming together once again for the Chinese New Year, the evening allowed ICCF and UNIIC members to establish new contacts with top executives of important Italian and Chinese companies operating in our country.

The event thus contributed to consolidating the bilateral relations between the two countries and laying the groundwork for new strategic and commercial deals.

"This year, we have once again decided to welcome the arrival of the Chinese New Year together with UNIIC, promoting the meeting between members of the entrepreneurial community engaged on the Italy-China axis," said Mario Boselli, President of ICCF. "Dialogue and cooperation will be more important than ever in this 2024, the Year of the Dragon, a symbol of strength and transformation.

The challenges awaiting Italy and China are numerous, and for our two countries, I hope for an even greater commitment to building a balanced and beneficial relationship based on collaboration and respect. This is my wish for everyone."

Chinese Consul Liu Kan and ICCF President Mario Boselli at the Chinese New Year 2024 @ Excelsior Hotel Gallia Milan 24 January 2024 ph Roberto Finizio

"Welcoming the arrival of the new Chinese lunar year together with the entrepreneurs of ICCF is a pleasure, but also an opportunity for mutual understanding and cooperation between Italian, Chinese, and Sino-descendant entrepreneurs," said Jay Lin, President of UNIIC.

"In a world that risks division, with this celebration, we will once again be witnesses that dialogue is useful, necessary, and above all, always possible.

Celebrating the arrival of the lunar year, an important festival throughout Asia, is an important signal of dialogue between seemingly distant cultures that are actually so close.

The entrepreneurs present here are proof that economic relationships are fundamental for the well-being of all. Best wishes for the Year of the Dragon to everyone."

The Italy China Council Foundation (ICCF) was established in June 2022 through the integration of the Italy China Foundation (established in 2003) and the Italy China Chamber of Commerce (founded in 1970). It is a non-profit organization that includes Italian and Chinese companies and individuals.

With 400 members and partners generating a collective turnover of over 70 billion euros, it is the most significant organization of its kind in Italy and among the principal ones in Europe.

The ICCF is dedicated to fostering relationships between the European continent and Asia, particularly between Italy and China.

It is the only platform in Italy directly involving Italian and Chinese companies and individuals, facilitating collaboration and the development of bilateral projects and initiatives.

The ICCF promotes the creation of a "national economy" with reference to China to ensure an effective link between public and private sectors and to promote a strategy for Italy to gain positions in the Chinese market.

The foundation assists Italian operators in system initiatives involving the public and private sectors and provides targeted advice to individual companies.

Members enjoy various benefits, including networking opportunities, access to research and reports on China, and participation in projects promoted by the Foundation. For further information, please contact


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