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“The shades of beauty” by Luisa Beccaria.

Luisa Beccaria 2024 Resort collection is a celebration of women’s beauty and nature, in their infinite shades fading one into each other, with clothes designed for party and celebrations, as well as a cheerful day at the beach.

Shading is a playful variation of macro and micro floral prints, intertwining on poudré and cerulean dresses — maxi, extremely light and made of horizontal strips with a patchwork effect.

Shading is the colour gradient of sunset on an impalpable chiffon minidress with three-quarter bishop sleeves, or on a wide-neckline midi dress

It is a play of pastel stripes on a flounced chemisier, or it is the light transparency of rebrodé lace of a flared minidress with bell sleeves.

Shading is also the dégradé de couleurs effect on full-sequin night dresses, resembling bright paintings of mysterious landscapes and flowers.

Silhouettes play with “over” volumes contrasting tighter slightly ‘30s shapes.

The chromatic palette mixes sky hues — light and cerulean blues, as well as pinks, peaches and yellows of a sunset — with earth colours — écru, muted gold, saffron, soft green — and touches of metallic light.

Ineffable beauty, in a thousand shades of late spring.

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