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The Spicy Valentine's Day by D.A.T.E.

The sneaker brand and My Secret Case sign the hottest colab of Valentine's Day.

D.A.T.E. lights up Valentine's Day hot passion by signing a partnership with My Secret Case.

A colab designed for February 14th – and not only – with a sensual moment,

surprising with the taste of an intimate game to be experienced, exactly as the brand's always open gaze teaches.

And enjoying a spicy Valentine's Day has never been easier.

It will be in fact; it is sufficient to purchase a model of D.A.T.E. sneakers. to receive in

free gift “Piacere Fluido”, the lubricating gel in pocket size by My Secret Case, the brand that changed the image of sexuality in Italy, together with a special card dedicated to all lovers.

Yes, because love for D.A.T.E. it knows no labels, it is absolutely genderless and fluid, and

it becomes a message of freedom and inclusiveness that reaches the heart from the heart that you choose to wear.

As and when you want.

The promotion will be valid on D.A.T.E. e-commerce and in its stores from the 5th

February while supplies last.

All we need is love with D.A.T.E.

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