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Ultimate Trendy Magazine Vol.22 Exclusive Inclusiveness is online!

Inclusiveness is the keyword!

Photos by Nika Krasnica.

Inclusive fashion is when a garment is designed to be useful to everybody.

The great challenge for the future is genuine inclusion.

Long gone are the fashion shows and magazine editorials with plus-size or racialised models who were used to tick the diversity box.

Inclusive fashion is sustainable fashion, too.

It involves continuous work to improve all stages of the production cycle, starting with the design, aspiring to a broader market that offers fashion for all citizens through the fit and flexibility of design.

When designing a new product, a broad range of wearers isn’t kept in mind, making the industry more wasteful.

People need to find or create a unique collection to reach this niche, which is not sustainable.

Photos by Brad Prime.

These are times in which fashion and publishing have to face a change, an evolution, a revolution where no one is excluded or ghettoized. For any reason: neither of race or religion, nor of belonging or lifestyle choice, nor for physical differences or other.

Variety, respect, value for everyone's lives.

For all mankind. For all living genres.

Photos by Alec Shpuntov Cosing.

Enjoy the reading!


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