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Ultimate Trendy Magazine Vol.34 A.I. is online!

Welcome to MetaFashionVerse!

A.I. by O n i r

The new issue is online and available both in print on demand and webzine versions.

A.I. by O n i r

O n i r, EleEme, Haruki, Marco Lorè, Thurisaz, Yelena Kloos, Cipri Music, are the fabulous artists/a.i.engineers in this 34th issue.

A.I. by O n i r

A.I. by EleEme

A.I. by Haruki

A.I. by Marco Lorè

A.I. by Thurisaz

A.I. by Yelena Kloos

A.I. by Cipri Music

Enjoy the reading!

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