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"Universal Explorer" by Pal Zileri.

Imagining the future, gazing upon the universe with optimism and curiosity, while crafting new spaces, scenarios, and evolutions.

Photo by Marco Lorè

The Pal Zileri Autumn/Winter 23-24 collection draws inspiration from the desire for escapism that extends beyond the confines of the world we know, to imagine something greater and more thrilling: the universe.

It is a dimension to which we belong, even if not entirely familiar, and we can explore it through our imagination.

The desire to explore becomes a form of therapy that reconnects us to "universal" themes that help us appreciate and fully experience our lives.

This translates into a collection that revolves around the concepts of functionality, comfort, and adaptability.

Photos by Marco Lorè

Functionality is expressed through garments rich in details that make them suitable for everyday life needs.

Comfort is crucial, especially when it comes to travel, be it real or virtual, as it is important to feel good in one's own skin and clothes.

Adaptability is granted by the presence of garments suitable for different occasions of use.

Photos by Marco Lorè

The collection is inclusive, expressing a soft and relaxed masculinity, both in casual and formal wear.

The looks are constructed through a play of layering, where different materials create true stratifications, giving depth through a game of contrasts between textures and patterns.

A major protagonist is cotton and silk velvet, presented in jackets and precious-colored dresses, treated with a special finishing that gives the garments a lunar luminosity.

The selection of outerwear includes coats with a clean line and belt, balanced by outerwear with an over-fit embellished with collars with important constructions or inserts in innovative materials.

Photos by Marco Lorè

In the formal proposal, the new Tiepolo fit plays an important role, with its construction given by well-defined shoulders and a slim silhouette inspired by the '90s.

Knitwear is of great importance, warm and thick, with Jacquard workmanship inspired by photos of planets taken from Earth, or thin and precious like the impalpable cashmere turtlenecks that add a touch of color to looks, worn alone or under knit polo shirts and flannel shirts.

The theme of the universe also influences the color palette, which revolves around a range of deep and vibrant hues: Navy Universe, Cobalt, Neptune Blue, Amethyst, Cloud, Pyramid, Oxide, Grey Sky, Milky Way, Moon, Brick Dust, Apricot Crush, and Mauve.

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