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"Wild West", Munthe F/W 2024-2025.

Naja Munthe cherishes a particular childhood memory – one that vividly illustrates her early passion for horses.

“Sometimes I reflect on the journey that led me to this moment, and I often find myself drawn back to a vivid childhood memory, a memory that is etched in the fabric of my being—the memory of my early passion for horseback riding.

For most of my childhood, the focal point has been horses.

I groomed them, I rode them, I read about them, I dreamed about them, and I played with them.

The horses were my blinders helping me remember the focus and see the goal far ahead.

Those formative years were marked by the sanctuary I found in the stables and the profound companionship of horses, each hoofbeat leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of my character." says Naja Munthe, Creative Director and Founder of MUNTHE.

This collection artfully weaves together elements like denim jackets adorned with crystal details, ethereal tulle dresses featuring intricate sequin embroidery, sumptuous coats, and opulent wool sweaters.

The MUNTHE logo undergoes a transformation, gracefully emerging as a new pattern embellishing sweaters, bags, and boots.

A striking leopard print, varying in size, graces exquisite sweaters, sequined dresses, and impeccably tailored jackets.

"For this collection we have embraced the meticulous contrast of rugged denim against delicate fabrics, ranch patterns and combined it with inspiration from my childhood memory of these majestic creatures.

With the Fall Winter 2024 collection, we tap into the craft of bestowing garments with multiple dimensions and depth - a testament to the brand’s commitment to embodying a refined lifestyle.” adds the Creative Director.

 The accessories accompanying the collection serve as the perfect complement, featuring belts with meticulous stitching, tote bags adorned with ranch patterns, and boots proudly displaying the distinctive MUNTHE logo. This collection epitomizes craftsmanship, offering a sophisticated and lavish expression of style.

It has always been core to the MUNTHE brand to be conscious and constantly reflect on how they are in the world.

Being a fashion brand, by nature they are not in a sustainable industry, but they believe that by using their brand as a powerful platform, they can initiate small changes that will accumulate into bigger ones over time.

They believe that they are on a never-ending journey where they constantly need to explore and evaluate how to best invest in progress.

They constantly need to take an honest look at all aspects of their production from choosing better materials to creating better working conditions for their suppliers and employees.

The Fall Winter 2024 collection is made of 53% more responsible materials.

At MUNTHE, they have a criteria that their styles are made from min. 50% recycled or certified low impact materials that have a better and gentler environmental footprint.


MUNTHEs Art Monday collaboration this season is artist Ju Mu.

Brought up in Hanover, with Peruvian-Chilean roots, Ju Mu now lives and works in Berlin as a freelance artist.

Her art is perennially inspired by the cult of shamanism, along with its connections between humanity, the spirit world, and nature.

The collaboration is expressed through colorful pink and black art pieces turned into graphic prints.

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