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Yusur Al-Khalidi at Versace fashion show during MFWSS23.

Famous Finnish top content creator, youtuber, and gamer at Milan Fashion Week ss23 for Versace.

Photo by Marco Lorè

Yusur Al-Khalidi is a top content creator, and youtuber from Finland.

She is known for beauty, and makeup videos.

Born in 1997, Yusur has a youtube account with 4.0 million subscribers and her YT channel name is ”Asoo”.

She publishes content mostly about beauty, but also started a gaming channel by the name ”Asso Gaming” with already 400k subscribers.

She is also good friends with famous blogger Noors Stars and Maryam Alkh.

Photos by Marco Lorè

She recently participated in the Milan Fashion Week ss23 as a guest star at the Versace fashion show.

For more contents, please visit her amazing Instagram profile:


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